FECHTNER is a place for an extensive breakfast, a healthy lunch, a fresh snack in between or simply the right place to take a relaxing break from the turbulent everyday life in Berlin Mitte.

FECHTNER's offer can be roughly outlined with the almost contradictory sounding words "healthy fast food": In addition to hot breakfast dishes and selected salads, both of which customers can also have individually assembled according to their personal preferences, croissants, Bircher muesli, oat milk porridge, cakes, freshly made sandwiches, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, filtered Leogant water and an in-house espresso blend - which is particularly low in acrylamide and thus healthier than conventional roasts - are offered.

All homemade, of course.

FECHTNER's range is aimed specifically at people with a high level of nutritional awareness and an equally high demand for quality.
All ingredients are selected fresh daily and are based - as far as possible - on the seasonal and also regional offer. Thus, the selection of ingredients always remains a little variable and the menu particularly varied. This is made possible by a particularly close cooperation with selected, local partners such as Zeit für Brot, OEL Berlin, Fritz Blomeyer and Leogant.

Behind FECHTNER are Tabea Meyer and Tobias Vetter, who created the concept and the store itself with a great love for fresh, healthy food and a passion for architecture, art and design.

The name FECHTNER comes from Tabea's great-grand aunt, who ran a delicatessen in western Berlin from 1923 to 1946 with the very same family name. In addition to the Russian writer Nabokov, who lived in the same house at the time, actors such as the then famous Viktor de Kowa were also supplied with delicacies and salads. When the building and also the store were destroyed by the consequences of the war, it meant the end of the delicatessen. In 2016, this tradition is now brought back to life and continues more modern than ever in Berlin Mitte.

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